About EMD

Why Everything Matters Distributing (EMD)?

Our name says it all. Everything matters when working with a vendor; product quality, turn-around time, fast reliable shipping, low pricing, and customer service!

Highest-Quality Products: We offer products for your customers who are striving to lead healthy lives.  We carry the Simple Girl brand of salad dressings, sauces and seasonings that are natural, sugar free or low sugar, low carb and made without artificial sweeteners.  These food products are perfect for individuals suffering from diabetes, looking for flavor while on low calorie diets or simply wanting to lead healthy lives.

Fast Shipping:  Located smack dab in the middle of the U.S., our location is an advantage that allows us to provide super-fast and reliable shipping with UPS as our main provider.  Most orders (excluding pallet orders) leave our warehouse the same day the order is placed, resulting in an average delivery time of approximately 2-4 business days.

Great Wholesale Pricing: No minimums are required! Since we develop most of our products and sell such high volumes, we offer tiered pricing on almost all of the wholesale items we sell. When looking at wholesale products, please remember to click open each item for quantity pricing. The more you order, the lower the price!

One-Stop Wholesale Product Shopping: We offer products that are perfect for natural diets, diabetic diets, and low calorie diets to assist you in helping your clients be as successful as possible on the diet protocol they choose to follow.

Great Customer Service: We are not an automated, faceless company.  If you need to talk to someone to learn more about our wholesale products or have any questions/concerns, please contact us and speak to one of our customer service representatives.  Click here to get our contact information.