Spray hand sanitizer bottle. Easy to use and dries fast.

3 oz Spray Bottle Liquid Hand Sanitizer (NON-GEL)

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  • Product Description

    Key Product Features:

    • 3 oz spray bottle with lid for quick use and easy storage in desk drawer or purse
    • Has a space to write your name to avoid confusion in the office or other shared spaces
    • SDS (Safety Data Sheet) Certificate available by e-mailing us at info@emdistributing.com
    • Non-gel, liquid, watery formula that sprays great
    • 80% ethyl alcohol formulation as recommended by World Health Organization & CDC
    • In stock. Made in Wisconsin and shipped from Missouri, USA.
    • Slight ethyl alcohol smell similar to the scent of diluted nail polish remover
    • Quick drying (faster than gel), non-sticky formula with a light moisturizer to not dry out your hands.


    Tiffalina’s Hand Sanitizer (liquid, non-gel) is an 80% solution of ethyl alcohol intended for use as a hand sanitizer and antiseptic.  This product is formulated using the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) recommended formulations and guidelines.  Based on World Health Organization recommendations, this product does not contain any thickeners, dyes, fragrances, or other ingredients than those listed in the Drug Facts.  This is to ensure maximum effectiveness at eliminating germs. Since it is made without fragrances, it does have a slight alcohol smell similar to acetone or nail polish remover if you smell it in the bottle, but most people do not find this alcohol scent to be offensive like the tequila smell that many other liquid sanitizers have.  This hand sanitizer dissipates almost instantly, seconds after application. This liquid formula is non-sticky and dries very fast.

    We apologize in advance for the rise in cost of hand sanitizer products but, due to the high demand across the world, the cost of ingredients, pumps and plastic bottles required to make these products has skyrocketed.  We are doing the best we can to get it to you when you need it and at a reasonable price.

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    1. Smells ok

      I wish there was some kind of scent to it that was a big more pleasant but this is ok. Spray bottle is fast and easy to use. Gives just the right amount. on 21st May 2020

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