HCG Safe Diet Spices and Seasonings


On the HCG Diet it is so important to make sure your food has a lot of flavor. The more flavor you can pack into your HCG meals, the easier it is to stick to the Very Low Calorie Diet. If you’re only eating bland foods, you’re more likely to cheat or worse, give up altogether.

That’s why we carry HCG Perfect Portions brand spices. They are 100% HCG approved for Phase 2 and after. They include:

  • HCG Safe Seasoning (kind of like Lawry’s Seasoning Salt)
  • BBQ Seasoning (this one is our favorite in the office)
  • Lemon Herb Seasoning
  • Sweet ‘n’ Hot Louisiana Seasoning
  • Steak Seasoning
  • Chef’s Hot Pepper Seasoning
  • Southwest Seasoning

These spices are a great starting point for planning your HCG lunches and dinners. They can help inspire you to be creative with your HCG foods and keep you excited for your HCG meals. Here are a few suggestions of how to use these spices:

  • HCG Lemon Herb Seasoning goes great on chicken or fish.
  • The HCG Sweet ‘n’ Hot Louisiana Seasoning goes great on cucumber slices or shrimp.
  • The HCG BBQ Seasoning can be mixed with some water and vinegar to make a real HCG-safe BBQ sauce. You can even marinate your HCG meat or use it as a dipping sauce!